Yacht GraphX Testimonials

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 XBlade   Bernard C.   "The back-lit sign is great. Thanks for your support!" 
 Sun Seeker   Bernard W.   "The letters do look amazing. I appreciate your help!" 
 Vantage   Bill V.   "Let me know if you need any references. Great job." 
 The Tardis    Bryan S   "Wow Julian! That looks fantastic - just like I pictured it!!! All that time planning totally paid off - THANK YOU!!!!!!! I am so happy with the way this came out -- I am the envy of my marina! Love it, love it, love it! Thanks again for helping me get an end result that I am thrilled with -- you rock!" 
 Worth Avenue Yacht   Chelsea S.   "The sign is great and looks really neat at night, you can see it walking away from the office. Thank you again for your help throughout the process!" 
 Getaway   Chris J.    "We love the name your company made for our boat! We are shopping for a 120' Westport right now and will be contacting you for a name on that." 
 Woody    Christopher. L.   "The name looks good and the installer was very nice! Thank you" 
 Sea Boss   Darrel H.   "The sign looks amazing! Thank you!" 
 Just Lookin   David B.    "I really like my letters! Makes the boat look great!" 
 Dailey Hevin   David C.   "I'm very happy with the way the sign turned out! It looks amazing! We've had several compliments from other boat owners. Thanks again!" 
 Carousel III    Doug C.   "I purchased a stainless steel backlit sign for the stern of my boat from you in November 2014. The sign looks great and we’re really happy with it." 
 Jome's   Enrico M   "Julian thank you! The production time for the letters was longer than expected.. But the quality is much better than expected~! so much professional. The elegance of the boat with this letters are amazing. The value of my boat increased of $100k!" 
 Project 815    G Poulos.   "Thank you. Sir your product is Awesome!" 
 Topaz   George B.    "Happy to send you a few pictures of my new install. They look amazing. I am very pleased with how they came out." 
 Nothing Box   Gert R.   "Here are some pictures The old letters, the painted hull and the new letters. It is a big difference in quality ,easy installation. Lots of people look at them on the beach and in the Marina" 
 The Waterfront   Jason H.   "Love it!!" 
 Amanecer   Jay Levitt   "John did a great job on the installation, very professional and accommodating. And it looks great!!" 
 Dreamer   Jerry R.   "The letters look great thanks so much for all your help along the way." 
 Jariya   Jim R.   "The letters are tremendous! They stainless steel on silver hull gives a classy look to my Pershing Yacht!" 
 Lady K   Karen G.   "The letters look awesome! We love them. Hopefully we will be sending more Naples customers your way!" 
 Bodacious!    Kyle L.   " I am on Mr. C’s boat in the Keys. The name looks phenomenal! Great Job!" 
 Dream Boat   Lawrence T.   "Julian, I wanted to email you my first impressions of the lettering that you made for us which we received this morning. 1. The lettering was packaged extremely well. I think a truck could have hit the box and the lettering would survive! 2. The lettering was covered perfectly so the face was immaculate when the tape was removed. 3. The lettering is OUTSTANDING both in quality and appearance. 4. The template was much more robust than what I was expecting. In the past I have mounted lettering and was supplied with a paper template. The thick vinyl template was easy to work with, center, and use for drilling the holes. 5. The controller box is very well built with plenty of space for wiring all of the lettering wiring. The box is much more than what I had expected and the quality, again, was much higher than we expected. 6. Instillation of the lettering went smoothly and the large over supply of mounting parts showed us that we could do just about any type of mounting we wanted. It was also handy if we were on a boat dropping the parts in the water as always seems to happen. We will be finishing the installation of the transom cover tomorrow along with powering the whole sign up. From what I did illuminate (the "D" and the "r") the illumination seems perfect. I am very impressed so far with the quality of this sign." 
 Key To The Sea   Maria R.   "Thank you for everything Julian, they do look amazing! it really came out great! All in all, we are so very pleased with everything. Thank you again!" 
 R&R VIII   Paul R.   "I am very impressed with the product and have been getting rave reviews. Thanks again for the great work and assistance." 
 Grand Cru   Paul W.   "Just received photo of boat sign. Looks fabulous. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»" 
 Huck Faters   Randy G.   "Looks great! Thank you!" 
 Sea Glass   Ron H.    "The lettering you did looks fantastic. I will send additional pictures." 
 Angel's Envy   Scott M.   "The name project came out really nice! I'm glad that I got the stainless letters from you. It really does make a difference in the appearance of the boat both day and night. I would highly recommend Yacht Graphx! Thank you for the great service!" 
 OseaD    Shelby S.   "Love it!! "We are extremely happy with our lettering we have gotten from The Yacht Group (Yacht Graphx). This set we put is our second set. Our first set was "INXS" which we had on our previous yacht and we were very pleased both times. Thanks again!!!!" 
 75' M/Y Princess   Tom C.   "Feel free to use me any time as a reference! I love your products! The Yacht Graphx lettering design for my boat was fantastic and the Yacht Controller is a must have for my boating experience on my 75' M/Y Princess. I welcome your team on the boat for demonstration at the upcoming Princess Show. Thank you for all your support!" 
 Lucky 13   Tony T.   "Julian, Here is the pix of your work. It looks awesome! Thanks!" 
 Lady Julia   Victor P.   "Thank You Julian !! You guys are Fantastic !!"